Monday, June 8, 2009

 On Saturday
First stop, My husband took us to visit ma mere. I wanted to see her again since she was gone for a long time in her Mexico trip.
Second stop was Target for a wedding gift. My friend is getting married next weekend so the gift needed to get out of the way. He has only ever been to one wedding, I don't think he's as excited as I am. I especially can't wait to have some wedding cake!
Third stop was Nordstrom counter at Cerritos. I only own one lip liner and two lip glosses and lately I've been wanting to wear lipstick. I don't know anything about wearing lipstick so I just grabbed Cremsheen Modesty and Ravishing. Ravishing is my favorite.
Fourth stop was food time. We had burgers at Carl's Jr. Landon was behaving the majority of the time but then he started to cry halfway through my burger. I picked him up and ate with my left hand, no biggie. Man it's so embarrassing to have a crying baby in public, I nearly had a heart attack lol. Luckily holding him was good enough to quiet him down. I hate it when parents just let their kid cry as if they can't hear.
Fifth stop was Downtown Disney. I love Disney, and there is no way Landon is old enough to go to Disneyland yet so the downtown Disney walk is more than enough. Unfortunately I got blisters on my feet from the shoes I wore. I thought they would be comfortable but it gave me three blisters on each foot. I don't know if I'll even try to break them in. At the Grand California Hotel gift shop I found a necklace I really loved. He was sweet and bought it for me! It was only $15.00.
Final stop was a must at Ikea. Since we bought the king size bed we lost drawer space from the old frame. There was a lot of loose clothes laying around in the closet driving me crazy! Now we have a nice new six drawer chest. Were going to have to buy another one to replace the old one which doesn't match it.
I love busy weekends!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Saturday my husband woke up with horrible back pain so he decided it was time for a new bed. We ended up getting a Cal King $2,500-no tax, soft, and we got free sheets lol. Money well spent. Our old bed was a queen and it sat on a black vinyl frame which had drawers. So this Saturday we definitely need to go to Ikea and buy a dresser because I'm definitely tired of his sock laying around.

On Sunday I went to the airport to pick up ma mere. She was in Mexico for over 2 months, I missed her terribly! She was happy to see her grandson.

Seeing an actual play of Romeo & Juliet is a million times better. A professional one of course, none of that high school, college crap, they do it no justice. I just love reading along and remembering my favorite lines.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I want some pink gladiator sandals. I found these at HSN. Hot in Hollywood "Greco-Roman" Gladiator Sandal $39.90. HSN Link