Monday, May 11, 2009

For Mothers Day my husband gave me the first two Twilight books, a necklace, chocolate, and a printed photo of smiley Landon. I'm still reading Cranberry Queen so I won't get started on Twilight until I finish that. All I'm missing are some tan shoes, like the ones the girls wear on Dancing With The Stars.
He was going to buy me the hardcover versions of the books but they were $20 each and Sam's Club had the softcover for way cheaper. I got both for only $14.00! They had hardcovers too for $12.00, Sam's Club is the way to go!
This weekend I lost three pounds by eating less. I'm gonna start going to the gym again so I can hopefully go back to my normal size. Some of my old clothes still fit, but super tight. I'm still the same small frame except my belly just doesn't want to get smaller or firm up heheh. I realized I was eating more than I ever had, so I'm putting an end to that. Chocolate is still and will always be my weakness though.
Saturday was fun too, my husband's dad got to go with us to the movies. We saw Wolverine. Hugh Jackman is Love :)

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